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Advisory Services

Advisory Services for Defense Companies / Governments World Wide:

  • To Identify- New Markets/Regions, Explore Opportunities. Unlock & Accelerate opportunities.
  • To match expectations, find suitable Investors.
  • Risk analysis including political factors.
  • To Partner and offer Opportunities/Support Back end.
  • To facilitate negotiation & Due Diligence.
  • To ensure smooth integration of Business proposals between two parties.

Product Portfolio

Counter Measures is in Partnership with numerous Factories participating in production of Articles of War including; different calibers of Firearms, Ammunition, Armored/Combat Vehicles, Howitzers, Aircrafts, Helicopters, Missile systems, Aerial delivery systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, variety of Naval & Underwater Platforms. Cyber security, Electronic Warfare, Command & Control Architecture are also a part of the portfolio.

Contact us with a requirement and be rest assured it will be delivered as expected.

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